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Over 50,000 Americans have viewed the below video since March 2009. Some leaders have credited this video with sparking most of the precinct effort nationwide.
"The Strangest Political Secret"
(the only realistic way in existence to reclaim our nation through peaceful, constitutional means)



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If you wish, call me at 513-741-2095; email: votefraud@fuse.net;
mailing address: Network America, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211;
or call into one of our weekly conference calls;
See Action Steps immediately below this video.

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 Important Articles, to build on the above video:
 Q. How/where would I get information on running for precinct captain in my local area?

This has been added right below the main video because so many people ask this question after understanding the "big picture" presented in the above video

Victory in Las Vegas: Read What Happened After Folks in Las Vegas, Nevada
saw the above video and implemented the Precinct Strategy:
 Breaking:  Tony Warren of Nevada reports on 12-12-09 that, "FOX CABLE NEWS REPORTED THE TEA PARTY TOOK OVER THE LAS VEGAS GOP!!!!  9:30AM Pacific Time." Tony, one of the movers and shakers in the Precinct Project in Las Vegas which has gained ascendancy in the GOP of Las Vegas and the state GOP of Nevada, saw this himself on Fox Cable News.
 Breaking Video:   
See New Video About the Fox News Report and the Positive Events in Nevada

Here are the rules for how to run for Precinct in Ohio, and how to help get the rules posted for your state

Click here to see the Precinct Rules for your State (right hand column, lower part on home page)

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 Watch our 2nd of three introductory videos - After Watching "The Strangest Political Secret" above:

"What You Can Do Right Now"
(to take realistic action with other concerned Americans to reclaim our nation)
(4 min, 44 sec)



If you wish, call me at 513-741-2095; email: votefraud@fuse.net;
address: Network America, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211;
See Action Steps immediately below this video.

     First Suggested Action:    
 Subscribe / Support Today!

Needed are 1500 Americans to fund Network America Ewire & Precinct Action Program
with $5 or more monthly subscription payment from now to December, 2012, -- or -- with a one-time Subscription Payment Now. We hope the average will be $100 per person per year, which would fund the mobilization we hope for. This is the ONLY practical plan for victory in existence in 2009. All other plans are hopelessly inadequate. Please consider carefully becoming one of our 1500 funders. Thank you.
(if you choose the monthly option, you can discontinue, of course, at any time; and a free / complimentary subscription for you is always available if you cannot afford to be a funder at this time.)

(You can also help the precinct strategy -- and help your family fight infections, viruses, swine flu or any other potential plague -- by investigating and purchasing MMS mineral breakthrough ($20 per year per family!) at www.NetworkAmericaStore.com -- this may be our only hope against a real or contrived plague or pandemic. We urge you to check it out for your family's sake.)

     2nd Suggested Action:      
join our national "Precinct Strategy" meetup group at
for updates and to keep in touch with action plan, and each other --

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   3rd Suggested Action:  
Watch the 3rd of our three introductory videos:

"Total Victory Plan 2012" (coming soon)
(putting it all together)

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Radio Show In-depth on Precinct Strategy:
Bruce McDonald interviews Jim Condit Jr.
Once you click through to the above page -- Scroll down to the radio show,
 which is right under Bruce's excellently edited version of our video.
Bruce McDonald's picture (alongside a picture of a microphone) is right above the play button for the radio show

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More Important Supplemental Articles:

The Most Powerful Office in the Land

Q. How/where would I get information on running for precinct captain in my local area?

These articles and more are found on our original precinct website: www.networkamerica.org

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Someone working to get conservatives/constitutionalists to run for precinct captain in the Republican Party has started this blog:


(Will Somebody start the same thing to start fixing the Democratic Party?)

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  Additional, Helpful Education if you have time to do more than run for Precinct and attend  the local county Precinct Organizational Meeting which elects the County Chairman of Your Party every two years (every four years in some places): 

Precinct Captain Operations Manual
This is all the ins and outs of being a world class precinct captain, HOWEVER, we recognize that most people today are pressed for time and running hard to make ends meet. THEREFORE, we present this manual for those who have time to go in depth -- but we are looking for a few hundreds thousand Americans who will spend 10 to 20 hours every two years 1) getting on the ballot (or into the caucus) to run for precinct executive in the major party of your choice executive, and 2) to go to the county party organizational meeting one month after the primary (or caucus) to VOTE for the Party Chairman and the executive committee for your party in your county for the next two years (or four years). An intermediate step, if possible, is to find or form a coalition with all constitutional, limited government groups in your county, and have strategy meetings on HOW TO PROCEED between the primary (or caucus) and the local Party organizational meeting which takes place one month later to elect the Party Chairman in your party in your county. HERE is what happened in Las Vegas, Nevada, after a coalition was formed to implement the precinct strategy. A MUST READ from Mr. Bill Pojunis! In this case, what happened in Las Vegas -- is not staying in Las Vegas:

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The Precinct Solution, Part I
(Part II and beyond in development)











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